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 Battle Realms Winter Of The Wolf

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MesazhTitulli: Battle Realms Winter Of The Wolf   Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:03 pm

Battle Realms Winter Of The Wolf
It isn’t easy for a real-time strategy game to distinguish itself these days, because the genre is saturated. And it isn’t just filled with fluff–no matter what your tastes or gameplay preferences may be, chances are good that there’s been an excellent real-time strategy game in the last 12 months that would be a perfect match for you. Earlier this year, Blizzard’s Warcraft III met with tremendous success, and it is still widely played and very popular. The more recent Age of Mythology makes a suitably good counterpart, with its larger scale and more epic feel. Meanwhile, Medieval: Total War has a level of depth and tactical complexity not found in most other strategy games, and Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin uses real-time turn resolutions and extremely realistic military units to completely reinvent modern wargaming. With such fierce competition on all fronts, it’s difficult even for last year’s most notable real-time strategy games to remain relevant only a year after their release. This is really the biggest problem with Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf, which is technically a pretty solid add-on to last year’s distinctive martial-arts-themed real-time strategy game.

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Battle Realms Winter Of The Wolf
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